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Course Summaries (also see current schedule)

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    Comprehensive Intro + Intermediate Python
    This course provides a complete and comprehensive introduction to the Python language, covering beginner and intermediate topics. It is a hands-on course for developers.

    Advanced: Python Applications Programming
    This follow-on course introduces developers to a variety of topics in Python application programming.

    What is Python?
    This is a single day seminar version of our popular Intro+Intermediate course targeting product managers, technical support, web developers, engineering management, tech writers, etc.

    Internet Programming with Python
    This course exposes current Python developers to a variety of distinct areas in Internet programming, from lower-level socket programming all the way up to developing with Django, Python's most popular web framework.

    Programming Microsoft Office using Python
    This one-day hands-on seminar exposes current Python programmers to COM client programming, enabling them to control various Microsoft Office® applications using Python scripts.

    Introduction to Programming using Python
    This 2-day course is designed for those with absolutely no programming experience whatsoever, and takes advantage of Python, one of the easiest-to-learn programming languages today.