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CyberWeb specializes in expert Python, Google Cloud (GCP), Google Workspace (GWS: Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Apps Script, etc.), training, engineering, and consulting. Founded in 1995 by Python & Google expert Wesley Chun, CyberWeb leverages his decades of experience as a software engineer & architect, teacher, and writer to be the "perfect storm" for your organization. Highlights:

  • Over a decade at Google working on APIs & platforms
  • Author of bestselling Core Python book series
  • Google & Python developer videos with 2.5m+ total views
  • Top 4% on StackOverflow, reaching 4.4m+ developers
  • One of the original Yahoo!Mail software engineers
  • International speaker and technical course instructor

  • Many satisfied, trained developers:

    "Very informative"
    "Course covered a lot of ground"
    "Comprehensive and insightful"

    Select corporate training clients:

    General Dynamics
    Intuitive Surgical
    Transcontinental Direct

    Available services (contact form)

  • Multi-day Python/Node.js training courses (as-is or fee-customized)
            • Comprehensive Python for Developers (info sheet [PDF])
            • Advanced Python: application topics (regex, sockets, json/csv, web, etc.)
            • Introduction to Google APIs (Cloud/GCP, Workspace/GWS, Maps, YouTube)
            • Google Cloud/GCP serverless platforms (App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run)
            • Tour of Google Cloud/GCP APIs (compute, storage, data, execution, etc.)
            • Tour of Google Workspace/GWS APIs (Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.)
            • Intro to AI/ML and Google APIs (Gemini and GCP Vertex AI)
            • Automating Google Workspace with Apps Script (JavaScript)
  • Tech talks or half-/full-day seminars or hands-on coding workshops
  • Software engineering & architecture and design & code reviews
  • Guidance on Google developer tools: GCP, GWS, APIs, serverless
  • Migration strategy & planning (Python 2-to-3, App Engine modernization, etc.)
  • Google Cloud & Workspace preview
    (Google Drive vs. Cloud Storage)

    Google Cloud & Google Workspace content sampler

    Expert advice, engineering & training on GCP & GWS; below is a sampling demonstrating subject matter expertise from both product groups:

  • Intro to Google Workspace/G Suite APIs video (originally for students)
  • Serverless computing with Google Cloud conference talk
  • AI-enhanced Cloud & Workspace image archival app blog, codelab, code
  • Deploy the SAME app to serverless with no code changes blog, video, code
  • Uploading & downloading files with the Google Drive API blog & video
  • Expediting expense reports with Gmail Add-ons blog & video, codelab, code
  • Automating YouTube stats with Google Apps Script blog & video, code
  • Python 2-to-3 App Engine migration content blog, video series, code & codelabs
  • Easy Path to Machine Learning event talk (longer video below)
  • Python training course preview
    (5-minute intro to generators)

    Python content sampler

    The goal isn't to "teach Python" as much as produce competent & efficient Python developers. Some extra content to level-up your Python skills:

  • Python 103: Memory model & best practices video
  • Introduction to Python decorators blog post
  • Introducing functions in Python video
  • Writing chatbots with Python conference talk
  • Exploring Google APIs with Python user group talk
  • Python @ Google conference talk with inventor of Python
  • Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd ed. book (2012)
  • Python Web Development with Django book (2008)
  • Core Python Programming, 2nd ed. book (2006)
  • Easy Path to Machine Learning
    (Silicon Valley CodeCamp 2019)

    Meet Wesley in person!

    A regular on the event circuit, Wesley delivers technical sessions & workshops at conferences, user groups meetups, hackathons, corporate engagements, and educational institutions. See if he's coming into your area as he would love to meet you! If you can't make it to an event, follow him on social media or technical blog.

  • 2024 May 4 — Sudbury, ON: GDG Sudbury "Build with AI" event
  • 2024 May 2 — Toronto, ON: GDG Toronto meetup event
  • 2024 Apr 20 — Burnaby, BC: GDG Surrey "Build with AI" event
  • 2024 Jan 23 — Mountain View, CA: GDG Mountain View AI DevFest
  • 2023 Dec 17 — Vancouver, BC: GDG Vancouver networking & holiday social
  • 2023 Dec 15 — Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Python & PyLadies Vancouver
  • 2023 Dec 4 — Los Altos, CA: Mountain View High School STEAM week
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